Jean Duncan

1933 – 2018

Sadly, Jean died peacefully in her sleep on 2nd October 2018 as a result of Motor Neurone Disease.

If anyone wishes to contact her family please use the contact page.

Jean Duncan’s paintings and prints have been widely exhibited in Ireland, the UK and internationally. A member of the Royal Ulster Academy, she has often collaborated with musicians to produce a range of work for exhibition and screenings to accompany musical performances.

My current work is part of a long-running exploration into the power and vitality of symbols and their use in guiding perceptions. This has extended in the past few years to working with composers with the aim of creating a single aural and visual experience which transcends the ordinary. Whether the subject is ephemeral or specific, I aspire to find its visual essence.

Some of the work in her portfolio is available for sale – please contact her family if you are interested in purchasing.