a pale yellow sky

It is considered that poetry, drama and music are far closer to one another in the east than in the west. In a “No” play movement represents stillness and stillness is not immobility but a perfect balance of opposing forces.

It is this balance and harmony to which we have aspired with reference always to the ‘cutting word’ of each haiku. I was always aware, too, that the artworks must be in harmony with the space as well as with the music. Each haiku has its own personality and really dictated my approach and choice of medium.

Working in close collaboration with Deirdre McKay , with the haiku texts between us, it became clear that both of our media used the same vocabulary balance, colour, timbre, tone, texture and harmony – while reflecting our separate approaches to the individual poems.

The brevity and condensed thought of each haiku suggest a refined sparseness which is reflected in our integration of the music and the visuals.

I find working across disciplines very rewarding and exciting in itself.

Jean Duncan